Studio LIBRE


Ing.arch. Robert Jelínek



777 175 389


Every place, house and person are unique and have their own story. Every project is a challenge—a challenge to look for new solutions while striving for affordability and feasibility.


studioLIBRE is an architectural, design and consultation studio established in 2011. The studio is led by Robert Jelínek, who cooperate with other architects and specialists on projects of various sizes. They are involved in the processing and management of all stages of project documentation and related implementation phases throughout the process of architectural creation.

Our creative compass is defined by our effort to deliver responsible outputs, from concept creation through functional spatial and operational layout to a sustainable selection of materials and thorough attention to detail. Quality architecture does not only serve you well; it helps foster a sustainable social context and as such predetermines society’s general level of existence.


The studio's work is grounded in an in-depth discussion with a client about their intentions, needs and possibilities, which gradually turns into a partnership based on mutual trust. The best reference and input for our future work is the recommendation of a client who is happy with both the final result and the path leading towards transforming the initial intention into that result.

The investment preparation framework is considered and provided in its entirety. We defend the client's interests in line with the legal environment and zoning conditions, which includes a comprehensive management of consultations with relevant administrative bodies aimed at obtaining all the necessary permits required by legislation. Thanks to this approach, we can guarantee continuity and quality throughout the whole process, from the project's design to its implementation.


We work on projects of different magnitudes and client constellations, from private projects through investments for small and medium sized public and private entities to corporate clients.

Our team boasts creative, flexible personalities who always adapt their cooperation with you to your project’s size and complexity.

During all stages of project preparation, we work in a stable, reliable team of partners and professionals specializing in various fields.

A responsible approach towards natural, (raw) material and human resources is an integral part of our creations. Our effort is to design and build structures that are sustainable in the long run and made of highly eco-friendly renewable materials, both in terms of the house's construction and maintenance.


For us, an architect is your guide through the designing process. Using questions and different alternatives, we help you progress from the initial brief towards a specific final project. During its implementation, we make sure the whole team is well coordinated and all of the project’s details are properly respected and put in place.